La Calavera Del Desierto (English Version)

La Calavera Del Desierto (English Translación)


La Calavera crawled out of the Arizona desert

rattling its dusty bones like an ancient rattlesnake

covered by red dust and sand

too tired and swallowing mouthfuls of hot air

opening and closing her crumbling jaws

as if she wanted to speak up

and  say something about that hellish desert

named Arizona, but La Calavera only cried and screamed


La Calavera carried a little bag of ragged clothes

tied to her back and wore a “corona” hat

no pants or skirt, no blouse or shirt

no wallet or hand bag; no boots or high hills

no Virgen de Guadalupe medal

or silver earrings, no name or last name

she only carried lots of gabacho dreams

plastered dried on her long bones


La Calavera was naked to the bone

in that day in which the sun burnt those souls

that dared to walk alone in this desert

cluttered with rattlesnakes, red and yellow scorpions

and ants as red as the dying sun


La Calavera reached a dirt road that disappeared

into the desert’s womb, and stopped under a saguaro

those giant cactus with opened arms covered with thorns


La Calavera sat down under the steaming sun

too tired to go on and began to dig a dry hole

to rest in peace…

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