El Desierto

El Desierto has a great influence in my poetry because this place is full of magic, danger and great imagery. Everything becomes alive in El Desierto. Everything dies in El  Desierto.


El Desierto


The sun appears in the sky,

white crosses & names are

attached to la Linea,

dreams & memories are

scattered on the brown sand.


bones of children lay

next to plastic bottles

they used to carry water.


Skeletons of mothers & sons

are covered by time & dust

close to the well of dark waters.


The cactus

catches a young girl

with its needles;

her unmoving corpse

grows roots into the earth.


The sun fades away,

the moon is out,

the coyotes are walking

carefully with a new flock.


I think I’m alone.

I look to the wall,

people floating—


like in a dream,

I run to them

crying & crying

reading their names.


the moon was gone,

the people too.










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