Crow and The Soldier

“Crow and the Soldier” is a poem based on Ted Hughes’ Crow. Hughes’ writing has had a great  influence in my writing since Professor Dungy  suggested I had to read  Hughes’ “Crow: From the life and songs of the Crow.”

Crow and the Soldier

Crow walked alone in the desert

looking for scorpions to eat

and when he saw the last soldier

walking towards the hills

out of the old country of stone

his anger burnt his guts


Crow knew the war was over…

Crow screeched and screamed like a wounded beast

soon, no red or green soldiers would patrol this old city

soon, new nations would arrive to destroy this old city


Crow screeched at the soldier

and flapped his giant black wings

against his black chest to show his anger

but the soldier kept his head high

he kept on walking carrying

his machine gun and green canteen


Crow gave up and plunged into the sand

Crow wished he had some water

to moist his black tongue


Crow waited for a new war to begin

soon, crow’s laughter would roar through this old city


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