He’s a Saint Man

“He’s a Saint Man” is a poem I wrote while trying to emulate the Blue lyrics. My professor, Paul Hoover, gave us an assignment in which we should use lyric poetry in order to come up with a sort of song/lyrical poem, and here it’s the result. Also, this poem is part of a project-collection I have titled Larva ( Larva is a latin word for ghost). “He’s a Saint man” was published by Spillway Magazine in summer of 2011.

He’s a Saint Man

you got to believe me, man

he’s a saint man

believe me when i say he’s a saint

‘cause i’ve seen him roaming

the empty roads of huhi dragging and pulling

a wagon full of pecans

i’ve followed this man

and the dogs bark at him like madmen

every time he stops, so he has to keep on walking

‘til he reaches the crossroad, man

there near the train tracks, he stops and smokes

like he was still in the pen

he’s a saint man

‘cause he wears black suits like a real saint

he carries a bible, and he’s always preaching

for Jesus Christ at the crossroads; he’s always waiting

for his holy spirit to come, man

he’s a real saint

‘cause i’ve seen him at night tracing

the moon with his pen and his can

full of black and blue paint

i‘ve seen this saint man sitting

at the crossroad drawing

the empty church with only his broken pen

he’s a saint man

‘cause he’s always singing the morning

blues like a saint

he’s a saint man

‘cause every time he crosses Kisin’s

path, he kicks his evil ass for real, man

he’s a saint man

 ‘cause he’s always praying for my soul

he’s always near the empty wells, always fighting Kisin

he’s a saint man

‘cause i’ve followed his shadow ‘til the evening

birds flapped their wings ‘cause he’s a dead man

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