The Day El Rio Grande Dried

In the summer of 2012, one of the greatest natural disasters stroke the United States the draught. In some areas of the country, the draught damaged crops and killed lots of animals. Lots of people are suffering as I write this post. Therefore, I wrote this poem as a reflection about the draught.

The Day El Rio Grande Dried


i had followed the cracks

and fissures across this dry earth

until i reached el rio grande


i looked around to make sure

i followed the sun’s path

to make sure i haven’t wandered

into an unknown desert


el rio didn’t have a drop of water

the silence was airy

as if the gods wanted me

to step into el rio


to find los pollos’ corpses

and white bones that lay still

on the bottom of el rio

like dry rotten fish


pesos and coins

cruzes and necklaces

made of bones

Virgen de Guadalupe

statues lay plastered

on the bottom of el rio

remnants of lost hope


el rio grande had dried—


yet, i could still hear the screams

of fathers and mothers

with their babies crying

wrapped around their backs

trying to cross el pinche rio


i could still hear the water’s roar

a great beast ready to take away

anyone desperate enough

to venture into its hot belly


i could still see the children’s faces

once the water took away their

parents or whenever their parents

gave up hope and drawn like fish




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