El Poema De Aquel Que murió En EL Desierto

The dream of coming to the United States can be as dangerous, shocking and traumatic. My poem expresses the pain a human being must suffer to reach El Norte.


El Poema De Aquel Que murió En EL Desierto


oh, dear mother, i pray to you

i’m your son, the one you forgot

in the jungle of Guatemala


i walked and walked for days

underneath the canopy of trees

full with monkeys, snakes, spiders

toads and jaguars only to go on

with my journey to el Norte


i roamed the land of the Aztecs

with my stomach full of nothing

i followed the train tracks for days


i was thirsty

only one old priest from a crumbling church

gave me stale tortillas to chew


oh dear mother

i kept on with my journey

even though los poilicias stole my belongings


i walked and walked

but once i reached el desierto

oh, dear mother


                              i wasn’t carrying food

or water


i walked and walked

             for three days, but on the third


                             i felt so tired 


i laid on the sand                      underneath

                             a shrub and slept

oh, dear mother

                 the nights in the desert

       are cold


the sky is full of stars

                and falling

burning rocks


                 i wished to reach

my daughters safely



i waited for the sun

                   to appear

but i never

                           felt its pain again


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