A Grape Field

and when the government and politicians deny the right to el immigrante to work legally, el patron abuses and abuses and does not let go…

A Grape Field

By Gerardo Pacheco Matus


the grapes were green and big

like esmeraldas

ready to be picked  from the trees


the day was hot as usual

a typical day en el sur de Yerba Buena

the day was about to end

when i asked my patron


“can i have mis papeles

as soon as the harvest is over

so i can be legal

here en el gabacho?”


he turned his back to me

and said, “No…

you better go to my fields

and pick all my grapes—

pull some weeds damn it


if you don’t have anything to do

mow my lawn  sweep my floors

or clean my shoes damn it

but don’t talk to me

about this garbage


the harvest season isn’t over

and i need you in my fields…

to hand pick my grapes


see, the grapes need to be

harvest soon or else i’ll

lose them all


go and pick them all

or else i’ll hire someone else

there are too many like you

out there waiting for work”


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